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PostSubject: The Member   Tue Aug 10, 2010 5:27 pm

An armless man in a long jacket walks into a bathroom and stands by a urinal...

Soon seeing he needs help to use the toilet he asks a closeby man.

" Can you help me point my penis" ?

The man reluctantly accepted but,

decided not to look at the mans penis.

After a few seconds of holding it he thinks,
" Hey! I'm grabbing it right"? " So I should look, I have a right"!

He looks down at the mans member and sees that is beyond hidious.
Startled he jumps back and lets go, asking. " What the hell is wrong with it ?"

The "armless" man pulls his arms out of his jacket and says "I dunno, but, I ain't touchin' it." and walks away.
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The Member
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