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 My Rules, HOSTILE style

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PostSubject: My Rules, HOSTILE style    Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:02 am

Basically, Were open to anyone who wants to join aslong as they stay loyal and have respect for the higher ranked members of the guild and other members.

We are a PvP guild and we simply cant resist a good old fight. Make sure to ask who enemy's are in guild before smashing people in though.

We do Aim to eventually kick this server's ass and destroy everything in our path.

EMPIRE is our one and only allie, do NOT kill them regardless. (unless told to)

The major problem is the guild quests, some of you dont realise how vital they are, they do need to be done in order for us to progress and become the better guild. Please do the quests as i do not want to get on your back about it. (You certainly dont want Ainawen on your back)

We often hold a Contribution competition each month, this consists of me setting everyone in guild a target not including Elders, Wardens, Guardians and me ov course. The person who Gathers the most contribution over that target gets the monthly prize. (Usually alot of coin and some zen items)

One last thing, if anyone gets armour/weapon drops, it is much appreciated if you guys can give it to other guild members to help them out, everyone knows about the favour for a favour rule, if your struggling for coins then please sell it within the guild, always keep the rare stuff within the guild if do-able.

For those with more simple minds i have shortend down the rules Twisted Evil

Rule 1: I am always Right.
Rule 2: If im wrong, rule 1 applies.
Rule 3: Respect all Elders, Wardens Guardians, and others in Guild.
Rule 4: If you cant fight a battle, Your shit.
Rule 5: EMPIRE is our Ally.
Rule 7: Keep rare armour/weapons in guild.

That is all, abide by the rules and you'll fit right in afro
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My Rules, HOSTILE style
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