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PostSubject: GUILD PVP EVENT    Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:32 pm


Thinking of running a guild PvP event, i have a few ideas of how to do this, but i am open to ideas from you guys aswell

My Idea: All Classes will fight it out amongst themselves for the first round. For example Heretics Vs Heretics, Slayers Vs Slayers and so on...
All classes that are present will be each given a number, i will keep those numbers to myself and ask Skullfk or Aina or any other elder to choose a number to fight another. For example 1 Vs 4.
The Second round will consist of mixing the classes in together, so if you win your first fight, you will qualify for round 2, which will start to get harder as it could end up a Heretic Vs Slayer. Also the qualifiers from round 1 will be then given a second number to determine who they fight. For example 4 Vs 18.

The Winner will recieve a mystery prize of Coins, Donated by Elders, Skullfk, Ainawen and Me.

any other ideas please reply below to make it better

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